History is moving!

We live in a multimedia age, which floods us with an incessant surge of information. Issues that are relevant and in everyone’s mind today will be banned from our memories tomorrow. To filter important information from unimportant and correct from incorrect, often seems impossible.

Indispensable basic knowledge is only stored in the short-term-memory and then quickly forgotten at the next wave of information.

This raises the question of how future generations will still be able to create links between past, present and future. If we project these ideas on association and empathy in our society, indispensable knowledge for the daily interaction gets lost. The interest in our history, and therefore also the knowledge about the pillars on which our democratic system is built, get noticeably less and less.

This is reason why new means and ways have to be identified to familiarize people with the importance of historical knowledge, to be able to learn lessons from the achievements and mistakes of former generations. Through these personal thoughts the idea was born to bring mobile art projects to public places to evoke emotions in the memory of our recent past.

The installations convey information about people, places and events associated with both. They are positioned at alternating locations, associated with the events in public places to give passers-by thought-provoking impulses and to encourage discussions. The objects I previously created, always encouraged people to deal with the issues and to discuss it. Thereby intergenerational exchange of information often arises between people from different social backgrounds, with the effect that history and its impact get fixed in our minds once again.